Weather is a little better than before here in Dubai. We can’t say we have Autumn leaves and wind , but atleast we can imagine that and be happy😬😋.

Saying of Autumn, Nayel and mummy did lots of art and craft this week.

Here’s our Welcoming Autumn tree! If you follow me on Instagram you will see so many of random craftings💜

We’re thinking out of the box and inventing new and fun paint brushes! You guys should try too!

Other than that it was a very lazy week for us. Didn’t go anywhere much except for a day. Talking of that, did I tell you the desserts and coffee we had at Sum of Us cafe in Dubai? It was so coffeelicious! That chocolate eclair was soo delish! It was filled with not very sweet gooey dark chocolate frosting and topped with choppedd walnuts😍 oo em jee! Just writing this is making me drool. And the other one was a cinnamon coated full of raisins danish pastry. If you’re in Dubai, you should give this place a try!

Some updates with Nayel too. for now all food is a no no! He’s giving me such a tough time in eating. Please pass over some food ideas and tips ! I made some pumpkin and lentil soup for him and atleast that is always a hit.

This is a not so good flat lay of the very good and yummy Pakistani food I had with my sister at Ravis restaurant in Satwa Dubai. The maash ki daal, chicken tikka and jalferzi with garam garam tandori roti is just not to be missed!! Have you guys tried the food here? You’re missing onto the best Pakistani dishes!! Go now🐾

That’s pretty much for Friday. I’m also announcing the winner for my instagram competition-

Congratulations- @namitavsuri – please DM me with your details!

I actually chose someone based on how they interacted on my social media posts and showered constant love! It was hard to pick up one really. But I promise to host another one really soon!

This is actually a good way to make people read your blog😂 Ending with a positive quote- keep smiling and stay positive



Nayel and mummy had a very productive week! This ones a candid shot while going for a food and nutrition workshop yesterday at the Kids HQ! Whenever I get ready, I try to click a picture- (the new mummy phase😋)< em>

arlier this week , I was invited over for a fantastic mummy meet up and lunch at a friends place. We had a yummy Chinese feast – my fav! All cooked at her home. Something interesting that I learnt- she hires a Pakistani aunty who comes home and cooks dishes ! And they all tasted sooooo good! I’m definitely calling her over for my next dawat! Just 150aed for 5 dishes- how cool is that now😍. And that chicken with cashews nuts was just so amazing 🤤

Talking of food- we also had mouth watering cholay bhaturay and raj kachori from Bikernwala in Barsha. This was a last reunion with cousins before they all departed to London and Pakistan for perhaye and work! Can’t tell you how much I miss them!!

My youngest sister is taking her O level exams nowadays- I still can’t get over the fact that she has grown this big!!! Ma sha Allah! So being an emo sister, I sent her some mini goodies to wish her luck- all with personalized notes , yes some were funny😝. Found these really cute string lights from Lifestyle to send a message of success lighting her way! InshAllah ❤️

That’s pretty much all. There’s an awesome contest going on for this week too on my instagram to celebrate my first 1000 followers ! Yay!! If you haven’t participated, go and try your luck now!

Fridays mean no running after Nayel as its family time! While I’ll sip some more cups of chaye. What about you?


A little sad Friday as my cousins are leaving for higher studies to London- well one already left and the other one this coming week😫. My life was so much fun with them around for Nayel and I specially now that we were living very nearby. From doing my makeup to being my movie date mates😞 – what will I do without you both!!

Sana and Mashal, I wish you guys all the luck and success❤️❤️! Miss u sooo much !

InshAllah we’ll meet in December with a big bang cousins reunion in Lahore now😍- can’t wait!!

Sparkling some positive and happy dust around, I attended a beautiful workshop by Micayle Ducroq, who’s an amazing life couch here in Dubai on positive healing. It was a good 2 hour session to really think deeper into personality , heal broken images of yourself, set realistic goals for self growth and happiness. (Mine are definitely getting a driving license and learning some more blogging techniques ☺️ )After the workshop we headed over to Clinton Street Bakery and goobled some fish n chips!

Nayel wasn’t very well this week. It all started with diarrhea and some rashes on his body and I had to rush to the hospital to get him checked. The doctor identified it as some viral ( Alhamdullilah nothing like chicken pox or so – uff I’m so scared to even say those! ) I was pretty much just changing diapers and carrying a cranky irritable toddler. With time, he has improved and inshAllah will be all set very soon ☺️

Yesterday, we visited Dubai mall and it was a terrible mistake. N was in such a bad mood that he just cried and 90% of the time we were just sitting in the feeding room. Should I blame teething, or diarrhea or just the terrible 2 phase going on??😞😤 I couldn’t shop a single thing for myself but as usual , Nayel was lucky to get his. He slept for like half n hour in which I managed to grab some books for him. Wohoo! We’ve got new books!! I will definitely be sharing them on my instagram- each one is a unique grab! So stay connected! @frommummytonayel

Friday is pretty much a day to relax for me. While I now sit and sip my tea and nuts, Nayel’s playing with dada abu and dadi jan.. what about you??

My twist recipe for Chicken Manchurian

I absolutely love cooking! And my favorite cuisine- Chinese. Cooking Chinese food at home requires a lot of work in terms of preparation. Cooking itself is super quick and eating even quicker! LoL

Being a Pakistani , we like Chinese food a little spicier full of bursting flavors! This recipe is one of my hit ones! Trust me when I say that I have tried many recipes to get a perfect one.This is a definite hit at home. Do try and let me know!

Today my cooking time doubled as Nayel kept turning of the gas while I was cooking. And then I had to take a million breaks for breastfeeding, calming a fussy toddler and changing his ipad rhymes ☺️😋

But I did succeed!! 😬

Ingredients:Chicken pieces • Chicken ½ kg cut in cubes•Salt 1 tsp.• Garlic 1 tbsp• Black pepper ½ tsp• Chili flakes 1 tbsp.•Soya sauce 1 &1/2 tbsp.•Corn flour 4 tbsp.•Egg 1 • Oil for frying chicken..For the Manchurian Sauce• •Oil • Garlic Ginger paste or freshly chopped 1 tbsp.• Green chili chopped 3-4 • Spring onion ¼ cup • Capsicum cut in cubes 1 ( all colors that you can get) • Onion cut in cubes 1 • Salt to taste • Red chili powder ½ tbsp. • Vinegar 1 tbsp. • Soya sauce 1- 2 tbsp • Tomato Ketchup ¼ cup • Chili Garlic sauce ¼ cup • Sugar 1 tsp • Paprika ½ tbs • Water 1 cup • Water 4tbsp. + corn flour 2 -3tbsp.Directions 1. In a bowl take chicken and add salt, garlic, black pepper, chili flakes, soya sauce and mix well. Add corn flour and egg and mix well. (Keep it for 30 min) Deep fry chicken cubes in a wok and set aside. or gravy, heat oil, add ginger and garlic saute and add green chili and spring onion and saute for little time. Add capsicum, onion and saute for 2-3 minuets. Add salt, red chili, vinegar, soya sauce, Tomato Ketchup, Chili Garlic Sauce, sugar and paprika and mix. Add 1 cup water stir and add mixture of water and corn flour mix until gravy thickens. Serve sizzling hot with vegetables fried rice!

The Friday Times

A very happy new Islamic year to all of you! May this new year be a bouquet of happiness, success and abundance of health for all of us! Ameen.

Sharjah is just love. I enjoy this city way more than Dubai. The walks on the corniche and Qasba are so much easier and calmer than the fast life in Dubai. I enjoy everything in this city other than the traffic🙈 which is the ONLY reason we moved to Dubai. But Allhamdullilah , we still get to visit here every weekend💕! Nayel and I had a casual 10 minutes stroll last night to a coffee shop nearby for a short mummy baby friends meet up. It was such a refreshing one hour with Anum , until Nayel pooped and I didn’t have his diaper bag🙈. That’s the benefit of hanging out with friends with same age kids, as Anam like a good mom did have a spare pamper that Nayel was changed into😋. Other than that both our kids played together which was great! I really need such playdates more often to get Nayel a little social. Flash-backing this week, very much at home 🏡. Hosted a family dinner on Wednesday which was a fun time. Read my previous blog to know how I managed to host it all alone with Nayel : under construction of food really looks like.. caffeine dose to keep me going..Nayel’s grandparents returned from Pakistan after almost 2 weeks therefore we’re staying over at their place in Sharjah this weekend. Which means lots of Nayel fun and spoiling- and relaxing rest time for me😌 (booked a beauty saloon’s appointment already for a pedicure later today!) 😍
real. This cat permanently now sits outside dada bu’s house for Nayel- atleast looks like so. Or did dada abu paid this cat to see Nayel’s excitement? Hmmm ..😋😋 Have a blessed Friday- make dheer sari duas for us too. ❤️❤️

How to host dinner/lunch parties at home with a Toddler

Just got done with a family dinner at my place! Such a hard work and then the food gets gobbled over in mintues! And I absolutely hate cleaning up ! I mean seriously, I love and enjoy cooking food. I can cook loads and loads, but please don’t ask me to clear up the after mess and wash the dishes. Infact – offer me a cup of hot mint green tea and massage my feet ( right) !

So this blog is all about my experience.

Just really thought of sharing my personal examples of how I host dinner parties with my little toddler ‘Nayel’ around. Might be helpful to few mummies out there.

Ta daaa!! here’s my check list of getting things sorted out for a dinner at your place with a baby/ toddler.

1. Plan – atleast 3 days before the dinner night, you need to make a checklist of what you will be cooking. I always make my list on my phone’s notepad. Not just about the food, plan your sitting arrangement, your table set up, and your Toddler’s dealing for the day 😂. It was an ipad overdose day! No matter how guilty I felt, it really helped him to stay busy and I got to done with chores. Shh! ( mummy confession )< strong>2. Organize- this is absolutely the key. So once you have planned everything, the next thing is hitting a grocery store. Buy all your essential that you need for the party. A tip: To stay in budget, don’t go hungry, the probability of you buying double and unnecessary stuff increases right away😂. Here’s a simple way to divide your list:

✔️ Meat

✔️vegetables and fruits

✔️frozen items

✔️ disposables


✔️dry ingredients

✔️fresh flowers or any other decorations ( candles are my must !)

3. Start a day before: yes! With a lil one in the house, theres no way you can do everything in a day! Even if you think you can, you end up being totally exhausted and dull faced- stinky too! Keep it easy and smooth for yourself and start cooking a day earlier. For today’s dinner, I semi cooked my biryani gravy, pasta sauce and seekh kabab handi yesterday. Today wasn’t as hectic then. I had plenty of time to chill around with Nayel, and stay calm overall. Oh also got dressed and did some 💄 makeup! Finally, it gives you an opportunity and time to actually sit with everyone rather than acting like an octopus with two hands in the kitchen and two outside😂.

4. Use Disposables! If you don’t have a helper or a dishwasher ,save yourself from the horror of dishwashing. If you have a casual family dinner, I’m sure everyone understands how hard it is to work with a baby/ toddler! So serve in beautiful disposables and throw them away! ( smart mummy) – not so eco- friendly, but cmon you’re a mum, happens sometimes 😬

5. Breath – Ok this one I usually forget, but thanks to Nayel’s daddy who keep reminding me to chill! Like today was a bit disaster as all my Haleem got kharab ( messed up) right when it was dinner time!😩no idea how!! Daddy was kind enough to grab some from a restaurant – (student biryani in Barsha dubai) and let me tells you- it was delicious!! Why didn’t I think of that before 😐☺️. Don’t aim for perfection! It’s absolutely fine to ask for help and order some food too 😍

6. The table setup : I’ve got a small home and a dinning table for 4 which extends to become a table for 6. Bought it from ikea! Love it!! But my guests were more than 6 hence I decided to present food in a buffet style. This is my favorite! Everyone gets to take food and sit anywhere they like. For a buffet set up, remember to set your plate and cutlery at one end following with salads next, main course, rice and dessert in the other end. This keeps the flow going on ( how you see in buffet restaurants) and keep the traffic moving. Desserts are optional. Sometimes I like to serve them after the dinner but today as it was just a cake that I baked, I kept it on the table with the food right at the end. To make the table presentable, add fresh plants/ flowers and candles, beautiful table runners or mats. Go creative! You can also give it a color theme!

7. Enjoy! Finally – have fun!! Compliment yourself , take loads of pictures and eat! Usually the host is so tired in serving and asking everyone else that they don’t eat properly. Remember you’re a mom! Feed some food to ur baby and yourself too!

I had a fabulous time and everyone enjoyed the dinner. Alhamdullilah!!Just cleared up the living room dumping all the plates in the sink as my cleaner would come in the morning to wash them ! Wohoo! Kept the little leftovers in the fridge for next day happiness ❤️. Nayel’s asleep and Im going to tuck right in the bed next to him , hugging him tight — Now.

Nite Nite – hope you enjoyed reading. How would I know? Please leave me a comment!


A late Friday.

I missed the last Friday blog as we were on a staycation. I didn’t feel like working! So now here’s a one filled with lots of happenings. A Late Friday I’d call..

I had won an instagram competition last month and they gifted me a one night stay at an amazing hotel in Ras al Khaimah- Waldorf Astoria 😍. It’s a beautiful hotel with their private beach access, luxurious rooms and amazing food! The service- 7star! Such a hospitable staff that we felt truly royal! Nayel had a fun time running around the hotel lobby, splashing in the pool, enjoying at the beach and playing peek a boo in the grand room we were staying in!

Check out some of clicks👇🏼

This was taken right when I woke up from my bed. Lovely yeah!An absolutely spectacular breakfast!We were provided with Nayel’s cot- where he just stayed in for few minutes- cosleeping is addictive 😶” height=”2096″ class=”wp-image-582″ width=”3724″>After a tiring day of playing and running, this Mr was served his favorite fish and chips right in the room! It was daddy’s birthday- so we got surprised by the hotel with a cake in our room.

The rest of the week was mainly chilling at home for me and Nayel. I’m now home back to being a stay -home mum. This week was a deep cleaning parade. I organized my drawers and cupboards, segregated old and new clothes, gave lots of them for charity and felt a bit lighter ! Another highlight of the week of this little monkey’s : ‘toothbrushing milestone’- levelunlocked! I got him another tooth brush as the first one was completely chewed upon😂thanks to teething. He observes me keenly while I brush mine, and tries to copy! Very soon he’ll be a pro! In sha Allah.

I shall be posting regularly now! – fingers crossed.